Decentralized Blockchain Platform

Think about the near future. As cryptocurrency adoption and utility grows at a slow but steady rate, its inclusive benefits and trajectory clearly points to a future of global, widespread use as a form of money and eventually, regulated governmental acceptance.

  • 10 Oct 2017
  • Market Research

    • In Progress
    • Learning and profiling of users, merchants and their respective challenges and needs for cryptocurrency use. Focal areas:
      • Regulatory Environments
      • Compliance
      • Industry Insiders
      • Regional Analysis
      • Consumer Insight
      • Merchant Insight

  • GENESIS & Merchant Boarding

    • 30th October, 2017
    • Genesis of the Ever (EVR) cryptocurrency on Ethereum's blockchain platform.
      • Proof of Stake Mining
      • Smart Contracts
      • Basic EVR Wallet with Buy Feature
      • Remittance
      • Trading
      • Merchant Onboarding (EverMO)

  • Five Exchanges in Five Countries

    • 30th October 2017
    • As a start, EVRs will be traded on five independent Physical exchanges located in following countries, allowing the everyone to purchase or sell.
      These exchanges are located in:
      • England
      • Indonesia
      • Switzerland
      • Malaysia
      • Singapore

  • Blockchain Commerce Ecosystem

    • 30th October 2017
    • The EverMO programme culminates in the launch of our online shopping platform and retail network. The EVR Wallet will be upgraded with the following features:
      • Multi-crypto storage
      • Merchant Admin
      • Multi-crypto trading
      • Cryptocurrency Converter

  • Crypto Debit Card

    • 30th November 2017
    • As we move to increase usability and adoption, Everus will issue cryptocurrency debit cards linked to the Everus wallet.
      • Manage your cryptocurrencies from your mobile wallet interface
      • Pay online and offline with your card
      • Generate rich transaction

  • Everus Mall

    • 30th November 2017
    • Everus presents its official EVR Mall. Shop thousands of hot, new and branded goods all in one place!
      • Pay for purchases using EVR for amazing discounts
      • A smooth, intuitive and gamified shopping experience that gives you increasing rewards!
      • Full-integration into the Everus World

  • Cryptocurrency Accounting Tools (Wallet Update)

    • 30th December 2017
    • Advanced cryptocurrency management and accounting tools for users, traders and merchants.
      • Transaction Cost Basis
      • Fiscal Cost Basis
      • Trading Profit & Loss
      • Gifting
      • Lending
      • Personal Accounting

  • 01 Jan 2018
  • Supplementary Crypto Wallet (Wallet Update)

    • 30th January 2018
    • Designed for use by children/sub-users with parental/supervisory authorization and tracking of transactions.
      • Supplementary Wallet Addresses
      • Scheduled Transactions
      • Main holder to authorize every transaction
      • IP location alerts

  • Multi Currency Payment Gateway

    • 30th January 2018
    • Everus will release a payment gateway API for online merchants to allow payments using multiple cryptocurrencies and their equivalents in traditional currencies.
      • Multiple Cryptocurrencies
      • Simple integration
      • Low transaction fees
      • No chargebacks

  • Proprietary Blockchain (BaaS) Platform

    • 30th March 2018
    • Launch of Everus' own proprietary blockchain platform, offered as BaaS (Blockchain as a Service), customized to enhance governmental processes.
      • Decentralized and Centralized versions
      • Private and Public rulesets
      • Customized white Label blockchain available for enterprises

  • Peer-to-peer Microfinancing

    • 30th July 2018
    • Creation of a blockchain-stored credit-scoring system and lending interface to enable borderless peer-to-peer lending and the opening of credit markets in undeserved/developing nations.
      • No lengthy forms
      • Globally Competitive Interest rates
      • Quicker processing and funding

  • AltCoin Automated Repositories (ALTARs)

    • 30th October 2018
    • The Everus dream - The ATM's of Cryptocurrencies running on our own payments network made possible with a multi-blockchain protocol. Everus will appoint issuing partners to:
      • Issue and distribute debit cards
      • Setup and manage ALTARs
      • Market propagation and merchant

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