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Blockchain Technology In Healthcare

Healthcare is an industry that is ready for disruption. Blockchain technology can help to revolutionize healthcare by ensuring patient data is not only kept up to date, but also secure and immutable. On a single healthcare network powered by blockchain, medical history can be recorded and shared around the world, assisting healthcare professionals to perform accurate diagnoses for more effective treatment.

Insurance claims can also be processed automatically and quickly, with blockchain able to verify claims via smart contracts. The patient’s health condition and medical history can be verified via the blockchain, with triggers automatically executing the payouts, ensuring trust for both parties and improving efficiency all around.

Blockchain Technology In Telecommunications

The telecommunications industry is calling out for blockchain implementation, both in terms of security as well as efficiency. Not only would an immutable public ledger prevent fraud on the customer end, it could also keep telecommunications companies accountable for subpar services provided. For example, a smart contract could be implemented to offer rebates to customers if network coverage goes down for a certain period of time.

Blockchain can also be used to improve roaming services and charges for travellers and business people. Hard to gauge prices would be clear on the blockchain, while connecting to roaming services abroad would be made easy and automatic, depending on pre-agreed data or calling plans drafted on smart contracts.

Enterprise Blockchain Solutions For Retail

Funds flow in and out of the world of retail on a daily basis, meaning that the time is ripe for blockchain solutions to be implemented for a better experience for all parties. With all transactions recorded on the blockchain, this completely eliminates fraud, chargebacks and double spending. This also includes payment APIs that will allow merchants to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

Enterprise blockchain solutions can be customized to the specific needs and requirements of your business. Implementing blockchain technology will not only improve efficiency, but will improve performance and reduce costs. Contact us to learn more today!

Real Time Big Data Solutions Services, Big Data System Solutions Services

Big data is much sought after in all industries as it offers an insight into consumer behaviours and patterns. Due to the significant mass of information available, trends can be objectively identified as it is backed by raw data harvested across a large sample size. This allows large corporations to decisively act or push products and services accordingly, as there is a strong possibility that the market will react positively.

Our big data system solutions services will allow your business to achieve greater results without compromising quality or integrity. Contact us today to learn more about how big data can transform your business.

Blockchain Technology for Finance, Trade Finance and Banking

Blockchain technology will help to revolutionise most, if not all, industries worldwide once it is implemented on a wider scale. Trade finance, banking and general financial services are ripe for disruption, with blockchain solutions providing security for institutions and trust for consumers. The immutable nature of blockchain technology means there is no scope for fraud at either end of the spectrum, meaning that trust is inherent.

Blockchain solutions for these industries will lead to greater efficiency and transparency, ensuring that companies and individuals will be operating in plain view of everyone. Not only will this hold all parties accountable, it will also improve their reputation as all transactions are recorded and verified.

Blockchain Applications In Education, Blockchain App Development Services

Blockchain application could have a profound effect on the education industry, with its immutable nature meaning that certification and qualifications cannot be falsified. A single, public ledger of education qualifications and certifications could go a long way to creating a global database housing the educational records and achievements of everyone. This would be useful for individuals applying for jobs at home or abroad, or even immigrants and refugees that have no copies of their educational records and accomplishments.

We provide blockchain app development services which can be tailored for the education industry or your specific needs. Contact us today for more details!

Cryptocurrency Trading Service Online

With the constant fluctuation of cryptocurrency prices, it has never been a better time for traders to get a crash course and make some money in the process. A market cap of close to US$250 billion means that there is huge demand for cryptocurrencies, and its exponential growth means that there is still potential for the market to continue growing in the future.

We will help you set up your own cryptocurrency trading service from start to finish, taking care of all the technical details and backend work. Users on your cryptocurrency trading exchange will be able to trade between Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, EVR and more.


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