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Savings for you. Discounts for your customers. WIN-WIN.

A Flat 0.5% Transaction Fee means you can afford to show your customers a little more love. Explore Everus


Be an Everus Merchant and accept cashless payments from new customers without the need for high credit or debit card transaction fees. Customers paying with EVR will also be rewarded with 2% - 5% exclusive discounts from Everus, on all of your products. With over 68,000 (and increasing) pre-registered wallets to date, merchants will enjoy high and targeted visibility on the Everus platform upon our launch on Ethereum.

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24-Hour Settlement

Everus keeps your cashflow healthy. Regularly receive cash daily from your EVR revenue to your bank account by 8.00am the next day.

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No Fraud

No more risk of stolen cards or accounts being used at your establishment. Everus mobile wallet-to wallet cryptocurrency transfers ensure you are receiving an authorized payment from the real account holder.

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No Chargebacks

Chargebacks result in the merchant losing both the product provided to the customer, and also the revenue attached to the product. They are also assessed a fee for each disputed transaction. Chargeback fraud costs merchants millions of dollars each year. Steer clear of chargebacks with Everus.

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Instant Payment Confirmation

Instant mobile payments and confirmations makes your customer experience smoother at your POS, resulting in less queues and better service flow. Cashless mobile payments also eliminate cash loss from tills.

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100% Secure Transactions

The EVERUS API operates across multiple eco-system platforms. Modules and libraries, providing various security services like cryptography and certificate management, plug in to the CSSM.

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Settlement in local currencies

Each transaction and the exchange value with your local currency in that instance is timestamped and recorded, protecting merchants from fluctuations in exchange rates. Your customer will know exactly how much he is paying, and you will know exactly how much you are receiving.

Here's how you get paid.



1. Cashier provides customer with bill amount and Merchant QR code.


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2. Customer Scans QR Code and enters amount payable.


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3. Cashier receives confirmation of amount paid.

The Business Booster

Being an Everus Merchant brings you new, quality customers who will keep coming back for more! When you save up to 3% on heavy credit card transaction fees, you can afford to give more value and rewards to the ones who really matter - your customers. On top of your discounts, Everus also rewards them with 2-5% discounts of our own. Watch them return again and again... and share their wonderful experiences with the world!

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Loyal, Returning Customers

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  • No Setup Fees
  • Low 0.5% Transaction Fees
  • All Merchant Types Accepted
  • No Additional Hardware Required
  • Robust Reporting
  • 24-Hour Merchant Support
  • 24-Hour Settlements in Local Currencies
  • Built on the Ethereum Blockchain (OCT 2017)