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Everus: The Blockchain Fintech Company

Think about the near future. As cryptocurrency adoption and utility grows at a slow but steady rate, its inclusive benefits and trajectory clearly points to a future of global, widespread use as a form of money and eventually, regulated governmental acceptance.

In light of this eventuality, Everus Technologies aims to lead the way, not just for real-world applications, but real-life solutions.

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Build an open commercial ecosystem

Everus World is envisioned as an open global ecosystem populated by consumers, merchants and traders - featuring commercial blockchain applications such as shopping and payments, P2P marketplaces, P2P microfinancing, and civil services.

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Release a cryptocurrency

Released on Ethereum's blockchain infrastructure, Everus (EVR) is the official cryptocurrency that fuels and perpetuates commerce and expansion of Everus World.

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Market Research and Listening

Continuous in-depth engagement, observation and learning about the evolving needs and challenges of cryptocurrency users and future regulators.

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Build Smart Financial Management Tools

Smart financial and accounting tools for personal and organisational management of cryptocurrencies for consumers, merchants, traders and regulatory bodies.

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Bridge the Consumer-Regulator gap

As governments, financial institutions, securities commissions and other policy makers begin to see the benefits of cryptocurrencies, Everus seeks to bridge the consumer-regulator gap with solutions that manage and aid compliance.

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Execute regional and global blockchain initiatives

More than just outreach and inclusivity campaigns, Everus is developing real-world intitiatives that utilize cryptocurrency and smart contracts to solve problems in areas such as disaster relief, military applications, financial education, wealth disparity and governance.

Srinivas Oddati

Srinivas Oddati
Co-founder and CEO, Everus

Commerce for the Unbanked

“With inclusive financial, commercial and communications services, marginalized populations can begin to exist, function and flourish in the digital world.

Open, scalable digital ecosystems empowered by blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies can and will provide unprecedented opportunities for growth at individual, communal and even national levels.”

Everus (EVR) Cryptocurrency Technology Standard


ERC20 Token

The ERC20 standard makes it easier for all compatible tokens to be natively supported by new projects and services on the Ethereum platform. Moreover, the introduction of this standard allows for the tokenization of other features, including voting rights, and building smart contracts.

PoS Mining

The use of PoS standard to mine ERC20 tokens tackles the issue of energy conservation, security, and speed of transaction. Proof-of-stake’s provision of security by token owners has two important implications.

  • mining rewards are proportionate to the number of coins owned and time held, making them akin to interest payments on the miner’s coin holdings.
  • the misalignment of interests between miners and holders is redressed: no longer are the miner and holder two separate entities; they are one and the same entity.

Advanced Security

The EVERUS API operates across multiple eco-system platforms. Modules and libraries, providing various security services like cryptography and certificate management, plug in to the CSSM.

Alex Johnson

Alex Johnson
Co-founder and CFO, Everus

Striking a balance

"In order for the full potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to be realized, solutions must be created that address the consumer’s needs and the regulators’ concerns.

Only by striking a delicate balance between the two, can the greater good be served in an equitable manner.

As a blockchain based fintech, we aim to bridge this gap and drive the evolution of traditional financial systems into the new economy."


LEDGER Alex 50 Kane 50
LEDGER Alex 50 Kane 50
The Transaction is added to an online transaction ledger encrypted with a digital security code.
The code of transaction is sent to a large network where it is comfirmed without compromising private information and eliminating the need for a central authority.
LEDGER Alex 50 Kane 50
Once a Transaction is confirmed and validated by several parties. It exists on the ledger of each as a Permanent and immutable record
The Transaction information is recorded, and the Transaction is completed.

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