What is Everus Technologies?

Blockchain initiatives for real-world solutions.

Everus Technologies aims to lead the way, not just for real-world applications, but real-life solutions.

Everus Technologies is a blockchain technology company based in Malaysia that aims to pioneer the widespread adoption of blockchain worldwide. The world is continually shifting and the emergence of this technology opens up new avenues and methods of conducting operations. With a host of products tailored to offer world-changing solutions, we aim to provide a seamless experience and a positive transition for all.


Why opt for blockchain?

In a world where information is disseminated in seconds, data must be verified and accurate. The decentralized nature of blockchain means that all data is verified in real-time, creating an intrinsic bond of trust.

Replicated across multiple nodes within the blockchain network, data is immutable and permanent, and will never be lost. Blockchain technology will also help to lower costs and reduce manpower.



Security, transparency and efficiency are hallmarks of blockchain technology, and Everus products aim to meet and exceed those values. As governments, financial institutions, securities commissions and other policy makers begin to see the benefits of blockchain, Everus seeks to bridge the consumer-regulator gap with solutions that manage and aid compliance.


An ERC-20 token powered by the Ethereum blockchain infrastructure.


Online and offline merchant on-boarding platform bridging the gap between merchant and the customer.


Predictive analysis and outline user behavior analytics to better understand your target market.


Cloud mining for all. Buy a rig and start earning cryptocurrency today!

Why Everus Technologies


Efficiency is of paramount importance, with Everus solutions leveraging on blockchain technology to improve existing processes and services. Developing real-world initiatives that utilize blockchain technology and smart contracts, Everus aims to solve problems in areas such as disaster relief, governance, financial education, and many more.


Prioritizing consumer knowledge


Keeping sensitive data secured

Big Data

Real-time, precise results


Using blockchain to improve efficiency within the system


Improving network reliability


Keep track of all transactions via blockchain


The Timeline

With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

1st January 2018

Everus Mall is now live

1st June 2018

Blockchain Commerce Ecosystem (Offline Merchant)

30th July 2018

Multi Currency Payment Gateway

30th October 2018

Crypto Debit Card

30th November 2018

Peer-to-peer Microfinancing

30th January 2019

Proprietary Blockchain (BaaS) Platform

30th March 2019

AltCoin Automated Repositories (ALTARs)


Meet The Team

Srinivas Oddati
Founder and CEO
Ravi Kumar
VP - Strategic Partnerships
(USA & Canada)
Dinesh Karunamuti
VP - E-Commerce
Myer Iyemman
Legal Counsel
Rajesh Jannavarapu
Data Expert:
Digital and Cryptocurrency
Mohammad Shazri
Big Data - Chief Analytics
Anangasundari Ponniah
Operation Manager

Our Advisor

Dato’ Sri S.K. Devamany
Deputy Minister, Prime Minister’s Department, Malaysia
John T.Meyer
Founder of PayCaddy and Consultant WorldPay
Sanjay Basu
Blockchain Product Manager Oracle
Chris Schold
Senior Manager Channel Sales, Mitek Systems
Tom Naramore
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
A Better Process, Cyber Risk Assessment for the Financial Services Industry


Industry updates, views, and analysis of the latest happenings in the world of blockchain.

  • 2018-04-13 04:45:19

Kuala Lumpur, 12th April 2018 – Blockchain company, Everus Technologies Sdn Bhd, today has been enlisted as an official reporting institution by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) in compliance with the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) - Digital Currencies (Sector 6) policy. Issued in February, the document outlines the requirements that reporting institutions must observe in order to maintain the transparency of all business activities related to digital currencies. As a reporting institution, Everus is required to declare all business-related dealings with BNM. It should be noted however, that although Everus is listed by BNM, consumers should continue to conduct their own due diligence when using or dealing in the company’s cryptocurrency. Srinivas Oddati, Founder and CEO of Everus, believes that regulation is necessary for the burgeoning industry to grow, and subsequently, thrive not just in Malaysia, but globally as well. “We are delighted to be enlisted as a reporting institution by BNM, which tasks us with the responsibility of ensuring all our activities are transparent,” he said.

"Since day one, we have consistently been working with BNM, and will continue to work with them as well as other governmental agencies and regulators in order to fulfil our duties, not just as business entities, but educators within the industry."
Launched in October last year, Everus has its own cryptocurrency known as EVR which can be traded on several exchanges. Alternatively, it can be used as a method of payment within the Everus ecosystem, which focuses on bespoke services and products for the intended market. “At Everus, we are constantly widening and improving the Everus ecosystem,” added Oddati. Currently, Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements are part of the Everus cryptocurrency wallet as per guidelines provided by BNM. “This industry is still very new, which is why we have an obligation to do more than just basic compliance with government regulations,” said Ananga Ponniah, Head of Operations for Everus.
"In the coming months, we will look to prioritize consumer education, which in turn should lead to greater user adoption, especially if we continue to work hand-in-hand with BNM."
For enquiries, please feel free to email [email protected]. For more info visit: www.everus.org Follow us on social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/everusworld/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/everusworld Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/everusworld/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/13359278/

  • 2018-03-27 01:13:25

In this episode, Everus founder and CEO Srinivas Oddati has an open dialogue with the founder of the Global Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Alliance, Louie Pinto. The pair talk about what Everus has gone through over the past six months, and what the future holds for the company, not just in Malaysia, but internationally as well. Pinto is a highly sought after wealth coach and has spoken at various congregations and summits around the world. Check out the episode below!

  • 2018-03-27 01:12:00

This is a new series that we launched in order to give our customers and users more of an insight as to what makes the company tick, straight from Srinivas Oddati, the founder and CEO of Everus! In this inaugural episode, Mr Oddati answers common questions often posed to him regarding Everus and goes deeper into the company vision and what it has to do to establish itself in the coming days. He also speaks about his motivation behind the company, and what he believes Everus can achieve in the future. Check out the episode below!

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